Building implies designing, construction, use, maintenance and removal of construction works, whereby human life and health, the environment, nature, other construction works and property, and the stability of soil on surrounding land shall not be endangered.

By adopting the Building Act (Official Gazette 153/13), applied as of 01 January 2014, a legislative regulation was introduced enabling simplification and shortening of permitting procedures, and this resulted in the reduction of the number of permits required for building – as a rule to one permit only, the building permit. Furthermore, through introduction of the e-permit system and enhancement of the Physical Planning Information System (ISPU) the permitting system has been improved in the entire state territory. For more information on the procedure of obtaining permits and possibilities of building please refer to the Building Guide

The Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning issues acts for construction works of state significance, whereas county or city administrative departments are competent for all other construction works.