Cornerstone laid in Sisak for six apartment buildings

(Hina) - A cornerstone was laid in Sisak on Tuesday for six apartment buildings that will accommodate persons whose properties were damaged in the 2020 earthquake until their homes are rebuilt, the Construction Ministry said, adding that the works are valued at €14 million.

The six buildings will have 19 units each. After the homes of the temporary tenants are rebuilt, the units will be used to accommodate workers in shortage occupations and families in need. The six buildings are to be built within one year. Construction is funded from the state budget.

In the period ahead, 36 buildings are to be built in Sisak-Moslavina County.

"I'm confident that we are giving a chance to young people to come and stay in this area, and new jobs will be ensured through other projects focused on economic development," Minister Branko Bačić said.

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