€200m to be put at disposal for energy renovation of buildings in 2024

(Hina) - About €200 million will be unlocked for the energy renovation of blocks of flats in 2024, Construction and Zoning Minister Branko Bačić said on Wednesday at a conference on the green renovation of buildings in Zagreb, which brought together about 100 participants.

Bačić and the ministry's official Irena Križ Šelendić told the conference that the public call for energy renovation is worth nearly €95 million, and that the invitation will be advertised this week.

The invitation for applications will be open about two months, and the projects will be co-funded under the 2021-2026 National Recovery and Resilience Plan with the aim of reaching the European level of quality of blocks of flats, meeting the targets for annual saving of heating energy and reducing CO2 emissions, which will contribute to the decarbonisation of buildings.

Grants for projects will cover between 60% and 80% of the necessary amount.

Bačić said that during the energy renovation from 2014 to 2020, 1,400 buildings had been renovated, including over 800 kindergartens, schools, museums, hospitals and other public buildings.

Furthermore, 550 blocks with a total of 16,000 flats underwent green renovation.

The acting director of the European Commission's Representation to Croatia, Andrea Čović Vidović, said that blocks of flats are the biggest consumers of energy in Europe, with a 40% share in the total energy consumption, and a 36% share in the greenhouse emissions.

"Their energy renovation is therefore important for the future and for energy saving," she said.