Inaugural visit by Slovak ambassador H.E. Peter Susko to minister Predrag Štromar

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Predrag Štromar received on 16 October 2018 in inaugural visit the ambassador of the Slovak Republic, H.E. Peter Susko. The ambassador was accompanied by the Embassy's economic adviser Mr Jan Stark.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Štromar extended his welcome to the new ambassador and pointed out the long-standing good cooperation, as well as the numerous similarities between our two countries. The ambassador presented some problems that are common to both countries, consisting more specifically in „brain drain“, or labour outflow, especially of young people to neighbouring developed European countries. Therefore one of the themes addressed at the meeting was exchange of experiences and analysis of the effect of a project carried out by this Ministry, that is, the provision of subsidies for housing loans granted to young people; in fact, also Slovakia has a similar model in place, which could contribute, as one among the implemented measures, to keep young people in their respective country.

Minister Štomar referred also to the project of energy renovation of family houses for natural persons, which is envisaged to be launched in Croatia next year, in mid-2019. The Republic of Croatia shall also be the first EU Member State to co-finance energy renovation of private houses from European funds.

The meeting took place in a cordial and friendly atmosphere, with both parties expressing their wish for the continuation of intensified cooperation.