Spatial plans

Spatial development plans of cities or municipality

Spatial plans are fundamental documents for the physical planning of every local self-government unit. Plans are adopted by representative bodies of local self-government units, i.e., the municipal or town council after a public debate has been carried out. The spatial development plan of a major city, city or municipality defines the direction for the development of activities and purpose of areas, and conditions for sustainable and balanced development in the territory of the major city, city or municipality.

Spatial development of settlements or parts of settlements shall be regulated in more details by urban development plans, that is, detailed development plans, which in accordance with the spatial plan, shall also be adopted by the representative body of a local self-government unit.

You can search for spatial development documents in the Physical planning information system (ISPU)

County spatial plans

A county spatial plan is a fundamental document for the physical planning of regional self-government units. A county spatial plan elaborates the objectives of physical planning and determines the rational use of space in accordance, to the highest possible extent, with neighbouring counties, spatial development and protection of space. An integral part of the spatial plan of a county or the City of Zagreb may also be the spatial plan of areas with special features for areas with natural values of the county or City level determined by a special law.

Spatial plans of a county or of the City of Zagreb shall be adopted by the county assembly or by the City assembly.

You can search for physical planning documents in the Physical planning information system (ISPU)

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