Regulations in the field of physical planning


  • Physical Planning Act 
    (Official Gazette 153/13 Provisional Translation, 65/17, 114/18, 39/19, 98/19)

  • Act on Physical Planning and Building Tasks and Activities
    (Official Gazette 78/15 Provisional Translation, 118/18, 110/19) 

  • Act on the Chamber of Architecs and Chambers of Engineers in Construction and Physical Planning
    (Official Gazette 78/15 Provisional Translation, 114/18, 110/19) 

  • Real Estate Appraisal Act
    (Official Gazette 78/15)

  • Administrative Fees Act
    (Official Gazzette 115/16, 114/22)

  • Act on State Survey and Real Estate Cadastre
    (Official Gazette 112/18, 39/22)
  • Act on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Act​
    (Official Gazette 56/13, 52/18, 50/20)

  • Act​ on the Performance of Geodetic Activity ​
    (Official Gazette 25/18)


  • Regulation on Administrative Fee Tariffs
    (Official Gazzette 156/22) - enter into force on 1 January 2023

  • Regulation on the definition of construction works, other projects and surfaces of state and regional significance
    (Official Gazette 37/14 Provisional Translation, 154/14, 30/21, 75/22) 

  • Regulation on the physical planning information system
    (Official Gazette 115/15)


  • Decision on the Development of the State Spatial Development Plan
    (Official Gazzette 39/18)

  • Decision on the definition of relative weights for architectural and engineering and related advisory services in construction and physical planning
    (Official Gazzette 119/18, 5/19)


  • Ordinance on the mandatory contents of conceptual designs
    (Official Gazette 118/19, 65/20) 

  • Ordinance on measures for protection against natural disasters and war threats in spatial planning and development – consolidated text
    (Official Gazette 29/83, 36/85, 42/86)

  • Ordinance on the content, criteria for map projections, required spatial indicators and the standards of physical planning studies
    (Official Gazette 106/98, 39/04, 45/04, 163/04, 148/10 - ceased to be valid , 9/11) 

  • Ordinance on municipalities allowed to adopt spatial development plans with abbreviated contentsfor the development of the municipality and on the contents, scale of cartographic presentations,and mandatory attachments of such plan   
    (Official Gazette 135/10)

  • Ordinance on surveying designs
    (Official Gazette 12/14, 56/14)

  • Ordinance on the contents and required spatial indic/ators in reports on the spatial status
    (Official Gazette 48/14, 19/15)

  • Ordinance on the State plan for spatial development
    (Official Gazette 122/15)

  • Ordinance on professional examination of persons performing construction and physical planning tasks
    (Official Gazzette 129/15)

  • Ordinance on granting approval for the performance of professional physical planning tasks
    (Official Gazzette 136/15)

  • Ordinance on the method of calculating the (gross) construction area of a building
    (Official Gazette 93/17)

  • Ordinance on spatial projects that are not considered to be construction works and for which location permits are issued
    (Official Gazette 105/17, 108/17) 

    Ordinance on professional training of persons performing physical planning and construction activities 
    (Official Gazette 55/20)  


  • Instruction on the development of draft acts in the procedure of issuing acts pursuant to the Physical Planning Act and Building Act
    (Official Gazette 56/14)

Regulation which ceased to be valid, however can be applied to instituted procedures during their duration:

  • Regulation on real estate appraisal
    (Official Gazette 74/14)

  • Physical Planning and Building Act
    (Official Gazette 76/07, 38/09, 55/11, 90/11, 50/12)
    Related acts:
    • Environmental Protection Act
      (Official Gazette 80/13, Article 278 paragraph 2)
    • Act on Amendments to the Act on Energy End-use Efficiency
      (Official Gazette 55/12, Article 31 paragraph 6)
  • Regulation on designation of projects and construction works for which the location and/or building permit is issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction
    (Official Gazette 116/07, 56/11)

  • Ordinance on the contents and required spatial indicators in reports on the spatial status
    (Official Gazette 117/12)

  • Physical Planning Act
    (Official Gazette 30/94, 68/98, 35/99, 61/00, 32/02, 100/04)

  • Regulation on amendments to the Administrative Fees Act Tariff
    (Official Gazette 117/07, 25/08, 69/10, 19/13, 40/14)

  • Regulation on Administrative Fee Tariffs
    (Official Gazzette broj 08/17, 37/17, 129/17, 18/19, 97/19, 128/19)

  • Regulation on Administrative Fee Tariffs
    (Official Gazzette 92/21, 93/21, 95/21)

  • Act on State Survey and Real Estate Cadastre
    (Official Gazette 16/07, 152/08, 124/10, 56/13, 121/16, 9/17)
    Related acts:
    • Act​ on the Performance of Geodetic Activity ​
      (Official Gazette 152/08)
    • Act on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Act
      (Official Gazette 56/13)

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