79th session of the UNECE Committee on Housing and Land Management in Geneva

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Minister Predrag Štromar and Assistant Minister Maja-Marija Nahod participate at the 79th session of the Committee on Housing and Land Management of the UNECE held in Geneva. 

This is an opportunity for Croatia to exchange its experiences with representatives of more than 40 UNECE member States, numerous experts and the private sector, on the topic of developing safe and sustainable cities and better-quality housing. All States are facing similar challenges, therefore dialogue and cooperation is the right way to find best solutions.

Four interactive roundtables have been organised, with the following themes being discussed:

  • providing access to decent, affordable, adequate and healthy housing for all;
  • promoting energy efficiency in buildings;
  • measuring progress towards smart sustainable cities; and
  • integrated urban planning and development.

The Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning has been implementing the policy of sustainable development by realising energy renovation of public sector buildings, and soon we shall launch, as the first country in the EU, such an energy renovation project financed by EU funds also for family houses; our energy efficiency model has also been adopted by Eurostat, which makes us very proud of being able to assist others by sharing our advice.