Bačić: €2.6bn invested in post-earthquake reconstruction so far

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(Hina) - Construction Minister Branko Bačić laid the cornerstone on Wednesday for the construction of a residential building in Lekenik for the temporary accommodation of individuals from earthquake-affected areas, expressing satisfaction with the progress of reconstruction, worth €2.6 billion so far.

The residential building on Zagrebačka Street in Lekenik, with landscaping and infrastructure development on a plot of over a thousand square meters, consists of 19 apartments and common areas organized over four above-ground floors.

The contractor for the project is Urban Građenje Zagreb, which conducted preparatory work on the site by demolishing the existing building, and the construction is carried out according to a standard project developed by Entasis.

The planned total value of construction, including landscaping and infrastructure development, is around €2.4 million excluding VAT.

The Minister of Physical Planning, Construction, and State Assets expressed satisfaction with the progress of reconstruction in earthquake-affected areas, which has amounted to €2.6 billion to date.

"However, given the number of damaged buildings and property, we will have to significantly participate further to complete the reconstruction in the entire earthquake-affected area," he said.

Of a total of 36 residential buildings with 666 apartments being built in Sisak-Moslavina County using state budget funds, construction is currently underway on 19 buildings - 12 in Sisak, 2 in Topusko, 1 in Sunja, and 1 in Lekenik, with a total of 343 residential units.

Preparations or procurement procedures are underway for 17 residential buildings - 8 in Petrinja and Sisak each, and 1 in Hrvatska Kostajnica, with a total of 323 residential units.

So far, 12 residential buildings have been built and occupied - 8 in Petrinja and 4 in Glina, with a total of 180 apartments, and construction is currently underway on 8 residential buildings with 308 apartments in Glina, Topusko, Gvozd, and Dvor.

The construction of a total of 56 residential buildings in the Sisak-Moslavina County will provide as many as 974 new apartments, primarily serving as temporary accommodation for earthquake victims. After the reconstruction of their homes, they will vacate these apartments, which will then be used to accommodate essential personnel and socially vulnerable families.