Bačić awards contracts for Bosnian Croat projects worth €1.03m

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(HINA) Croatian Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets Minister Branko Bačić on Friday awarded to Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina financial support for 61 projects worth €1.03 million, announcing that Croatia's support from his ministry will double this year.

Contracts to that effect were signed in Stolac, BiH and the co-financing refers to education, science, SMEs and projects related to the Catholic Church.

Bačić and Croatian Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Oleg Butković talked with Croatian National Assembly president Dragan Čović and the Federation entity's Transport and Communications Minister, Andrijana Katić.

This programme is a continuation of Croatia's constitutional care for the status of the Croatian people in BiH, Bačić said, adding that his ministry has set aside €54 million through the years to help Croats in BiH.

He and Butković visited the construction site of a road connecting Ravno municipality in southern BiH with Slano in Croatia, for which Croatia set aside €7.3 million.

Butković said the project was important for transport as well as for strengthening Ravno's economic and tourism potential. This year works will intensify on connecting the neighbouring municipalities of Aržano in Croatia and Posušje in BiH, he added.

Čović thanked them for the Croatian government's support, saying that €300 million has been set aside through the years for Bosnian Croat projects.

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