Bačić discusses post-quake reconstruction and state assets in Velika Gorica

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(Hina) - Deputy Prime Minister Branko Bačić and Mayor Krešimir Ačkar met on Wednesday to discuss post-earthquake reconstruction of private buildings and houses in the area of Velika Gorica and state assets made available to the city by the Ministry of Construction and State Assets.

At the meeting held in Velika Gorica, an agreement was signed on the allocation of four modular mobile homes for the housing of citizens of Velika Gorica who do not exercise the right to reconstruction based on the Act on the Reconstruction of Earthquake-Damaged Buildings, and the houses will serve as temporary accommodation.

So far, 140 such houses have been constructed, and they are successively installed in the earthquake-affected areas.

Today, Minister Bačić handed over to Mayor Ačkar 45 state assets cases whose management will be decided by the City of Velika Gorica.

Following the adoption of a new law on state assets management at the beginning of the year, cases are being transferred to counties and cities to deal with. The aim is to improve the management and activate unused state properties.