Bačić: Over 10,000 workers now engaged in reconstruction projects in central Croatia

(Hina) - Construction Minister Branko Bačić said in parliament on Wednesday that currently over 200 Croatian building companies with over 10,000 workers are being engaged at 1,202 construction sites in the earthquake-affected areas of Zagreb and Sisak-Moslavina County.

In response to questions from MPs during Question Time, Bačić said that the current pace of reconstruction was satisfactory and would be sufficient for Croatia to absorb  the €1.003  billion from the European Solidarity Fund, set aside for the country to address the consequences of the devastating earthquakes that hit Zagreb in March 2020 and Petrinja in December 2020..

So far 752 family houses and block of flats had been rebuilt, he said and when it comes to the applications of owners to reconstruct their properties on their own, the authorities have so far received 471 such requests for coverage of costs in the self-reconstruction, the minister said.


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