Bačić: Priority put on affordable housing for young people

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(Hina) - The Minister of Physical Planning, Construction, and State Assets, Branko Bačić, said on Monday that the priorities of his ministry in the new term will be the continuation of post-earthquake reconstruction, providing affordable housing for young people, and a new physical planning law.

"The priority will be to continue the achieved rate of reconstruction in the areas affected by the Zagreb and Petrinja earthquakes, related to public buildings and private property," Minister Bačić told reporters after the first session of the new government.

He also added that information about post-earthquake reconstruction will no longer be on every government agenda but will be discussed once a month.

"The first government session of each month will include an update on the status of reconstruction, so as the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for reconstruction, I will report to the Government and thus to the public, about the progress of reconstruction once a month," he said.

As the second priority, he highlighted the adoption of a national housing policy plan, which he said should enter public consultation within a month.

"It will be the first housing strategy adopted since Croatia's independence, aimed at making homes or houses affordable and accessible to young people," he emphasized.

As the third priority, he highlighted the adoption of a new law aimed at a more systematic spatial planning in Croatia.

He also mentioned that there will likely be an increase in salaries for ministers and state officials.