City of Bakar to repurpose area of defunct coke factory into business zone

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(Hina) - The €4.9 million deed of donation whereby the government grants the area of the former coke producing plant in the coastal town of Bakar to that city to repurpose it into a business zone was signed on Monday by Construction and State Assets Minister Branko Bačić and Mayor Tomislav Klarić.

The document was signed in Bakar in line with the government's decision to donate 84,602 square metres of the former "Koksara" complex to the City of Bakar.
The city authorities are supposed to provide the zone with the necessary power and utilities network, and traffic and communications infrastructure in the next five years.
The transformation of the former coke producing complex into a modern business zone will also contribute to the improvement of the environmental standards of this Adriatic city, said the participants in today's ceremony.
The mayor said that currently there are 37 large construction sites in the city, including in its industrial zone Kukuljanovo.
In 1994, the Croatian government made a decision to shut down the Koskara coke producing plant, which polluted the area.
The remediation of the area lasted until 2010.


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