Construction, agriculture ministers award 35 rural development contracts

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(Hina) Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets Minister Branko Bačić and Agriculture Minister Marija Vučković on Monday awarded 35 contracts worth €550,000 to help the rural development of areas populated by national minorities.

The contracts were awarded in Glina, where Vučković said they were included in the 2021-23 aid programme for small family-owned farms. Speaking of post-earthquake reconstruction in agriculture, she said she was pleased with the increase in the number of family-owned farms and the size of the farmland covered.

Bačić spoke of the state of post-earthquake housing reconstruction in Glina, including projects in water supply and the road and municipal infrastructure.

Money from the European Regional Development Fund is being used to build 20 buildings with 308 flats in Sisak-Moslavina County, with eight in Petrinja and four in Glina to be completed by the end of the year, while the rest is expected to be completed next year.

A total of 196 houses have been built in the earthquake-struck parts of the county, while 235 are under construction.