Croatia has used all funds from the EU Solidarity Fund for the post-earthquake reconstruction

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On 9 June 2023, Croatia has fully used both allocations from the EU Solidarity Fund for the Zagreb and Petrinja earthquakes, and compensation requests in the amount of €1.1 billion have been received.

The allocation of €683.7 million was exceeded 22 days before the deadline, reaching €691 million. The allocation for the Petrinja earthquake, amounting to €319 million, was used on 11 May 2023, which is 50 days before the specified deadline, and the current realisation amounts to €412 million.
To recall, based on the Government's request, the Republic of Croatia was granted a total of €1.03 billion of financial assistance from the EU Solidarity Fund for earthquake damage recovery. Taking into account the Government's well-founded arguments, as well as specific circumstances and progressive damages, the deadline for using funds from the EU Solidarity Fund has been extended until 30 June 2023.
The allocated funds from the aforementioned fund can be used for:
  • restoring infrastructure in key sectors to a functional working condition,
  • financing of rescue services and provision of temporary accommodation and basic living needs of affected population,
  • ensuring preventive infrastructure and measures to protect cultural heritage,
  • cleaning up disaster-affected areas and preventing soil erosion.

Although originally intended for financing the restoration to the pre-earthquake state, Croatia is utilising the Solidarity Fund to co-finance demanding works of structural reconstruction of buildings and complete reconstruction of buildings, in order to meet modern requirements and leave safer, energy-efficient, and resilient buildings for future generations.
Post-earthquake reconstruction efforts in Croatia have been further complicated by the global pandemic, Russian aggression against Ukraine, energy crisis, as well as the resulting market disruptions and price increase.
To grasp the magnitude of the endeavour, 1,300 contracts were signed during the implementation period of assistance funds from the EU Solidarity Fund, involving 609 beneficiaries and 304 construction companies. A total of 10,500 construction workers have been engaged in the reconstruction works.
The volume of reconstruction co-financed by the EU Solidarity Fund is significant. The reconstruction works include:
  • 18 hospitals and 56 other healthcare facilities,
  • 156 schools and kindergartens,
  • 26 faculties,
  • 250 culture and cultural heritage buildings,
  • 100 km of public water supply and drainage network,
  • Over 1,300 km of roads,
  • 77 bridges,
  • 40 sluices,
  • 6 km of tram tracks,
  • 4 railway structures.

Additionally, the fund finances:
  • temporary accommodation,
  • construction of 131 type prefabricated houses,
  • equipment for over 300 fire departments,
  • rehabilitation of embankments, bank revetments, and landslides.

Thanks to the intensive efforts of the Government, relevant Ministries, Counties, the City of Zagreb, as well as the entire professional operative, including designers, supervising engineers, and contractors, all funds allocated for reconstruction from the EU Solidarity Fund have been fully used!

The total value of contracted reconstruction projects amounts to €3.3 billion euros, for which €1.003 billion have been allocated from the EU Solidarity Fund. The projects that have been initiated will be completed using the funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (€1.2 billion), the state budget (€1 billion), and other sources of financing.