Energy renovation shall effectuate savings, improve accommodation and working conditions, as well as the visual perception of the City of Karlovac

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Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Lovro Kuščević and Minister of Health Prof. Milan Kujundžić, Ph.D., visited today Karlovac General Hospital on occasion of an event marking the completion of hospital energy renovation works.

On this occasion Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Lovro Kuščević expressed his satisfaction about completion of energy renovation works on Karlovac General Hospital prior to the beginning of the winter and heating season, as, according to his words, „owing to this project, annual financial savings amounting to about 4 million kuna shall be achieved“. „In addition to the savings, conditions of in-patient accommodation and conditions of work of medical staff shall be improved, along with the City of Karlovac having obtained an improved image of the building and of the entire settlement“, Minister Kuščević added.

According to Minister Kuščević, „in Croatia, two projects of health institution energy renovation are currently being completed, that is, the hospitals in Split and Karlovac, while at the same time works on further six health institutions, as well as on 33 educational institutions are under way. Furthermore, competitions are under way for the realisation of new projects“.

Minister of Health Milan Kujundžić expressed his satisfaction about the financial savings achieved, which, in his opinion, are always welcome in the Croatian health care system. „We need projects that contribute to the reduction of overall costs of the health care system and provide better conditions to our patients and employees. The Karlovac General Hospital Project is a positive example in terms of the direction in which the Croatian health care system should develop, and we shall endeavour to redirect the saved funds for other necessary high-value purposes“, Minister Kujundžić stated.

Karlovac General Hospital operates as a county-level hospital in the territory of Karlovac County and employs some 900 staff members. The hospital complex was built in six stages in the period from 1963 to 1990, encompassing the „Švarča 1“ and „Švarča 2“ buildings, the Pathology building and the boiler plant building.

The energy renovation of the hospital has been carried out following the ESCO model under the Programme of Energy Renovation of Public Sector Buildings for the period 2014-2015. The total contracted value of the carried out energy renovation amounts to 64 073 538.00 kuna (VAT excluded), with the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund participating in co-financing with the amount of 19 680 000.00 kuna (VAT excluded). The investment shall be repaid from the energy savings over a period of 14 years, in such a way that the annual savings will amount to 3 963 708.78 kuna/year, and the annual fee to be paid by the hospital for the energy service (over a period of 14 years) amounts to 3 170 967.00 kuna/year, with a direct annual financial benefit for the hospital amounting to 792 741.78 kuna/years during the contractual period.

Energy renovation included the renovation of 15700 m2 of facade, 8300 m2 of flat roof, and 5000 m2 of external window and door frames, 6 thermal sub-stations were incorporated, natural gas as a new energy product has been introduced, heat pumps and 22 solar collectors have been incorporated, a new cooling system has been installed, 1200 thermostatic valves and 12500 luminaires have been incorporated, and for purposes of fire safety of people and goods non-inflammable mineral wool insulation has been used.