(Hina) - Minister Štromar: Alternative accommodation for landslide-affected Kostajnica residents this week already

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In a talk with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Predrag Štromar, all residents of the Stari put street in Kostajnica, whose family houses were destroyed by a land slide two weeks ago, expressed their wish to continue to live in Hrvatska Kostajnica, with the minister saying that this week temporary accommodation would be provided to all these residents, in which they would live while waiting for a permanent solution.
Minister Štromar confirmed after the talk that to all those accommodated in the Central Hotel, temporary alternative accommodation shall be provided this week already, up to the final solution. As he said, he and his associates talked to all the families concerned and heard their wishes and comments.

"We informed them of our possibilities, and I am positive that we will provide them, within an appropriate time, permanent accommodation. Some cases will be solved immediately, and by Friday we shall solve all cases. Some of the landslide-affected residents did not request temporary accommodation, as they are staying with family members or friends. Within several days we shall also know specific/concrete permanent solutions, most probably consisting of furnishing existing vacant houses. There are more than enough of such facilities owned by the state and town", minister Štromar said.

State Secretary at the Central State Office for Reconstruction and Housing Nikola Mažar confirmed that the houses that are counted on have courtyards and gardens, and some also farm houses, whereby the meeting of all the requests and needs of the landslide-affected residents would be enabled. On Wednesday already, the first family shall be accommodated in a state-owned furnished apartment. With regard to the search for a permanent solution, Mažar added, higher importance is attributed to solution quality than to its speed.

After the talks at Kostajnica city government with county prefect Ivo Žinić, deputy county prefect Roman Rosavac and mayor Dalibor Bišćan, minister Štromar and his associates toured the landslide. They established that the destroyed or damaged houses on that land would not be reconstructed. Before Kostajnica, minister Štromar visited Petrinja, where he was informed by mayor Darinko Dumbović about a similar landslide problem.

At the end of their visit to the endangered areas of Sisak-Moslavina County, representatives of the Ministry paid a visit to the Kostajnica City Red Cross Organisation, to which they donated a larger quantity of food and other items to be distributed to the affected families.

In the area of Jasenovac Posavina, the Save river level is not rising, however all services are fully prepared, as a slight increase can still be expected. Therefore, at the extraordinary session of the Protection and Rescue Staff in Jasenovac, planning of activities was discussed. As Sisak-Moslavina County Prefect Ivo Žinić said, intervention teams were established, which in case of need could promptly intervene. As he said, all the services are one step ahead of potential occurrences.