International conference on architectural policies Space and Architecture: Places for People

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The Institute for Spatial Development of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets organizes an international conference on architectural policies Space and Architecture: Places for People to be held on 7 and 8 December 2023 in Zagreb, SEECEL, Radoslava Cimermana 88

Architectural policies of the Republic of Croatia - National Guidelines for quality and culture of building is a basic document that encourages excellence of the built environment and raises public awareness of the importance of quality of the overall space.  

The aim of the conference is to identify challenges and define priorities and activities that can contribute to creating a better quality of space and architecture and contribute to improving the quality of life of people by creating encouraging, healthy, resilient and safe environment for economic and social progress.  

Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), European Union policies and the national legislative framework are the context within which we create architectural policies for the next mid-term period. The conference programme will reafirm the need to pursue the excellence of architecture, discuss the most important contemporary challenges, learn about the experiences of other countries (France, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland) and give a brief overview of the most important EU programmes and initiatives (Urban Agenda for the EU, New European Bauhaus, HORIZON etc.).  

During the conference, the concept of the second generation of Croatian architectural policies will be presented and followed by four paralel thematic workshops. Inspirational lectures will be an additional incentive for lecturers and participants to further exchange views.  

The conference is intended for policy makers at all levels, spatial planners, architects and landscape architects, interested experts in related fields and the widest range of stakeholders.  

This conference is part of the ongoing participatory development process initiated by the ESPON workshop held on 31 March in Zagreb (Places for people: Bringing the European perspective into Croatia's New National Policy on Architecture), which will continue taking into account all outcomes and conclusions that the conference will result in (e.g. definition of priorities, related implementing actions and recognition of actors).  

Participation in the conference is free.   


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