Landslides no longer give same input parametres for construction planning

(Hina) Construction Minister Darko Horvat said on Wednesday that geologists were extremely cautious with regards to activated landslides and geological phenomena in the quake-hit area, which were no longer giving the same input parametres for construction planning as before the earthquake.

Until there is a clear picture of the situation so that we can start with foundation and structural designs, I am certain we will not have a concisely defined main project for houses that should secure accommodation for those left without their home, Horvat told Croatian Radio.

On Monday, the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering will present a map, which will show areas where reconstruction and construction should not take place because soil composition is such that any building there could not be earthquake-resistant, said the minister.

Horvat recalled that the new legal amendments clearly stipulate that those living in areas where construction is no longer possible would be provided by the state or local authorities with a replacement area where construction is possible. 

We will take care of such families in an adequate way, and if geologists say that the area where they used to live is completely unstable and not appropriate for construction, those families will have to move to another location where construction will be safe, Horvat said.

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