MCPP joins the Partnership for Urban Agenda for the EU

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On December 3rd 2018 Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning became a member of the Partnership on Security in Public Spaces as part of the Urban Agenda for the EU. Since 2016 Urban Agenda deals with integrated, coordinated and sustainable solutions to urban matters in EU countries

By including the urban areas UAEU strives to establish a more effective regulation, create new EU funding sources and establish a common knowledge based on information and experience exchange.

So far there were 12 Partnerships of UAEU defined by priority themes, but upon European Commissions proposal 2 new Partnerships were added, Security in Public Spaces and Culture and Cultural Heritage. Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning applied for the Partnership on Security in Public Spaces. With its knowledge, experience and capacities Ministry will contribute to Partnerships multilevel and integrated dissemination of UAEU goals.

As a body of state administration in charge of physical planning of Republic of Croatia, the Ministry has adequate knowledge and capacities to contribute with developing strategies and action plans with a goal to improve security in public spaces of Europe. City of Nice and European Forum for Urban Security will be partnership Coordinators, meaning they will chair all the meetings and be the contact point for members and all other stakeholders, local authorities, the Commission and member states.