Meeting on demolition and reconstruction held in Petrinja

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(Hina) - Members of the task force dealing with the aftermath of the 29 December earthquake had a meeting in Petrinja with heads of municipalities and the county on the demolition of buildings which pose a hazard to local residents.

Construction Minister Darko Horvat also presented amendments to the reconstruction act.

After the meeting, Horvat told reporters that the adoption of a package of measures had been announced at the meeting, which provides citizens of Sisak-Moslavina and Karlovac counties with the opportunity "to start submitting applications."

"In the presentation of the law we clearly agreed on everything related to priority demolition of buildings that were destroyed so much that it is necessary to demolish them as soon as possible because they are a threat to people, that is, they can create problems for buildings next to them," he added.

Horvat appealed to mayors and heads of local teams to help speed up the process of demolishing hazardous buildings.

According to Horvat, it will be necessary to obtain permission from property owners and all co-owners, and if that is not possible, construction inspectors will decide on demolishing a building through an administrative procedure.

Horvat said that in the past few days they had mobilised six companies which they believe have an expert and educated workforce for the task, including all the necessary paperwork and permits.

Conditions have also been provided to transport machinery to Sisak-Moslavina County required for the task.