Minister hands over contracts on utility management development in Varaždin County

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(Hina) - Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets Darko Horvat on Wednesday presented contracts on the co-financing of projects stimulating the development of utility management to local officials in Varaždin County.

Ten municipalities and the City of Novi Marof have been supported with HRK 1.6 million from the ministry and five municipalities have received the maximum amount of HRK 171,000, said Horvat.

"We have managed to secure almost HRK 24 million as part of this project this year. This isn't the end. We've set up a commission and 173 projects of 390 applications are at the contracting stage and I hope that we will continue at the current pace," he said.

He recalled the government's support for investments in the five counties in the regions of Slavonia and Baranja.

"Parameters show that that was smart, purposeful and effective. We wish to apply a similar philosophy in northwest Croatia and find financing for regional and state projects in that context," he said.

Member of Parliament Predrag Štromar, a former construction minister, said that he was pleased that projects launched four years ago were continuing.