Minister Paladina visits earthquake reconstruction sites in Zagreb

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(HINA) Construction Minister Ivan Paladina on Friday visited a dozen construction sites in Zagreb where structural reconstruction of family houses and apartment buildings is being conducted following the 2020 earthquakes, announcing additional subsidies for the self-renovation model.

Paladina said that nowhere in Europe was the state so financially and organisationally involved in reconstruction.

He announced that the ministry will focus part of its activities on encouraging, facilitating and additionally stimulating the self-reconstruction model because, because this model, which involves the owners, the ministry and implementing bodies, can speed up the reconstruction process.

Structural reconstruction is being carried out or has been completed on a dozen buildings, and the works have been fully paid for through the self-reconstruction model.

Structural reconstruction and replacement of family homes is being carried out at 40 to 50 locations in Sisak-Moslavina County, and the construction of several apartment buildings has begun.

200 construction sites more by the end of summer

The goal is to have 200 or more construction sites by the end of the summer, Paladina said.

Paladina said he was pleased with cooperation with the Reconstruction Fund, whose director, Snežana Penović, accompanied him on this tour. He said that the Fund is in close communication with the Ministry and that the Ministry is working on speeding up the decision making process.