Minister visits Glina, says three apartment buildings to be built by year's end

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(Hina) - By the end of 2024 work on three buildings with 57 flats will be completed in Glina for citizens whose properties were damaged in the December 2020 earthquake, and so far 100 new houses have been built in the Glina area while 30 are under construction, Construction Minister Branko Bačić said on Wednesday.

Bačić was today on a working visit to Glina during which he toured several construction sites.

He expressed satisfaction with the pace of the reconstruction process and the fact that the seismic retrofitting of family homes has started as well.

"Considering the capacity of the ministry and the construction sector, stepping up the reconstruction process is difficult," he said, adding that one of the ways was to conduct public procurement procedures by publishing calls that would each cover a number of buildings.

The minister today toured the construction sites of four buildings with a total of 70 apartments. By the end of the year 57 apartments will be ready to move in, and by Easter 2025 another 13.

The construction of family houses has started in Glina as well, and Bačić today visited the construction site of a house whose owners have been living in a container home by the construction site for four years.

"We are satisfied with the pace of the work, but we cannot be happy until all citizens whose properties were damaged in the earthquake move into their rebuilt homes," he said, noting that the government was looking for a way to provide housing also for citizens who do not have the right to have their properties rebuilt but need housing. The first step is to accommodate them in wooden mobile homes which they have already started using.

Reconstruction, revitalisation of town centre next challenge

In Glina, reconstruction has been completed at 1,000 locations, with eight buildings with 122 apartments having been under construction. Four buildings have been completed and their tenants moved in at the end of 2023.

Bačić said the next challenge was the reconstruction and revitalisation of the town centre. Mayor Ivan Janković said that the town authorities would present a programme for the reconstruction of the town centre by the end of the year.