Ministry participates in the preparation of the National Development Strategy 2030

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The National Development Strategy 2030 (NDS 2030) shall be the highest long-term strategic planning act that shall determine the development directions and strategic objectives of the Republic of Croatia until 2030. The vision of 'Croatia, the way we want it' by 2030 shall be realised through implementation of selected structural reforms and strategic projects within defined essential fields for intervention.

NDS 2030 shall be the basis for planning the budget and programming of financial resources from EU funds and other international sources available to the Republic of Croatia after 2020. 

MCPP is one of the essential stakeholders in the overall process of preparation of the National Development Strategy 2030.  MRDEUF, as the coordination body, has established thematic working groups and working groups for horizontal policies that are subject of the NDS 2030.   MCPP, along with the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MEE), is co-implementor of the thematic working group (TWG) „Energy and sustainable environment“. 

One of the defined development directions of the NDS 2030 is „Green Croatia“. Through this development direction, our ministry contributes to the development of guidelines for transition to a smart, circular and climate resilient society, for promotion of energy transition and renewable energy sources, for increase in energy efficiency, especially in the buildings sector, and for development of green infrastructure and nature-based solutions.  

Representatives of MCPP also participate in working sub-groups within the framework of the horizontal policy for Territorial development, more specifically, in sub-groups for smart islands, smart cities and aided and mountain areas.