New buildings in Banovina will be seismically safe, says minister

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(Hina) - The people of Banovina can be sure that the new buildings will be seismically very stable and very energy efficient, and that all projects will be designed by experts and not politics, Construction Minister Darko Horvat said in Prelog on Saturday.

He was commenting on the announcement that the dean of the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture, Bojan Baletić, will withdraw from the post-earthquake reconstruction council.

Speaking for Hina, Horvat said that Baletić's claim that the council did not work on a proposal for standardised projects was true because the council was an advisory and not an operative body.

He said that over the past year the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Civil Engineering had done very good expert proposals from which standardised projects would be chosen and presented again at one of the council's meetings.

Horvat said he was confident that Baletić would attend the next council meeting and that there was no need for resignations.

He said Croatia "has a quality academic community which can help us a lot, just as it supported us in drawing up the legislative framework and in finding quality solutions for these standardised projects."