New look of the energy renovated primary school OŠ dr. Vinka Žganca is the best present on the occasion of the grand anniversary

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The building of primary school OŠ dr. Vinka Žganca was built in Vratišinec in 1979, and the last major intervention on the school was performed in 2004. The school had great thermal losses due to a poor external envelope that did not meet the requirements of the respective Technical regulation, while the outer carpentry and heating system were not efficient enough, and most of the existing lighting was outdated.

After the completion of energy renovation works, the majority of the aforementioned shortcomings were removed and a healthier and more productive microclimate of the premises was created, which, according to the head-master of the Međimurje school Željko Maček, is equally joyful for both pupils and teachers, since staying in the school premises is much more pleasant now.
The total value of the project exceeds HRK 2.4 million, and under the Call “Energy renovation and use of renewable energy sources in public sector buildings”, more than HRK 1.4 million of grants from the European Regional Development Fund has been provided for the project of energy renovation of this school. Implementation of energy renovation measures of primary school OŠ dr. Vinka Žganca has enabled the school building transition from energy class D to B, while the planned energy savings of as much as 75% are already visible, and in the coming colder period they will surely be even more pronounced.

“Since this year we celebrate the 130th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Vinko Žganec, ethnomusicologist and academician and one of the most famous Croatian scribes of folk songs, dances and customs, and we also mark 25 years since the school’s autonomy has been restored and since it bears his name, the most beautiful present on the occasion of these two anniversaries is just a stunning newly renovated school building," said Željko MaČek, head-master of primary school OŠ dr. Vinka Žganca.

Energy renovation measures:
  • increasing thermal protection of the roof above heated areas
  • increasing thermal protection of the external wall
  • increasing thermal protection of the ceiling to unheated areas
  • replacement of indoor lighting by a more efficient one
  • replacement of outdoor carpentry
  • installation of a new highly efficient heating system
  • introduction of a remote meter reading for energy and water consumption and control meters for energy and water

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