US Ambassador to Croatia William Robert Kohorst on inaugural visit to Minister Predrag Štromar

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On Thursday, 25 January 2018, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Predrag Štomar received on inaugural visit the United States' Ambassador to Croatia H.E. William Robert Kohorst.

In presenting the Ministry's scope of activities, Minister Štromar laid particular emphasis on spatial planning, which is directly linked to the planning of major investments, e.g., in the fields of infrastructure, production processes and tourism.

Minister Štromar mentioned also simplification and modernisation of administrative procedures in the context of permitting, with these processes being under way and including digitisation of the procedures themselves, of spatial plans and various registers.

The Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning is also involved in processes that are implemented by other ministries, such as processes linked to the tax reform, land registers and state property.

The meeting took place in a very cordial and amicable atmosphere, with both sides stating their wish for further good cooperation, and expressing their readiness to provide mutual support.