Visit by high-level delegation of the EC to Croatia

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Once again Croatia is celebrating May 9, Europe Day, and central event took place at the European square in Zagreb, organized together by the Commission representation office in Croatia and the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds.

The Nursery School Savica building in Zagreb, at the address Ulica Vladimira Ruždjaka 22 has been renovated.

The total project value is HRK 2 424 949.27, whereas the grant amount is HRK 1.201.553,17. The nursery school was built in 1981. Energy renovation comprised increase in thermal protection of the envelope, replacements of external doors and windows and introduction of remote reading of energy and water consumption and controlled measurement devices for energy sources and water. All the measures undertaken advanced the energy efficiency of the building from energy class E to B, with savings of 72%.  

The energy renovation project of the multi-apartment building at the address Kolarova 14 in Zagreb is of a total value of HRK 3 443006.25, whereas the grant amount is HRK 1 879 980.  The building was built in 1967, without thermal insulation. Energy renovation includes an increase in thermal protection by reconstruction of the roof above heated space and by placing thermal insulation on external walls, as well as by replacing external doors and windows. The building shifts from energy class D to energy class B, with energy savings of 51% for 70 households.  

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