On this Web site the list of regulations is published that are under the competence of the Ministry of of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets and that are grouped by theme. 

Under the titles of Croatian regulations the number of Narodne novine is indicated, the Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia, in which the regulation has been publicated.  

The legislation of the European Union is available throogh EUR-Lex, the portal for access to EU law. Under the title of these regulations the mark of the European Union Official Journal with date of publication is indicated. By clicking on the link, the respective  EUR-Lex website is opened  with direct link to the text of the regulation and the possibilizy to view the text in all official languages of the European Union.

The English translations published on this website have been provided by the respective service of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs for informational purposes only. The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs does not accept any liability for the accuracy of the translations provided, or for the direct or indirect consequences of any actions undertaken on the basis thereof. Only formally adopted legislation in the Croatian original is authentic and legally binding.