OLAF Grant Agreement Project

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PROJECT NAME: Implementation of Anti- Fraud Software in the post-earthquake reconstruction process – OLAF Grant Agreement Project 101101159 – 2022 – CRO – AFS

PROJECT BENEFICIARY: Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets

FINANCING: The project is co-financed by the European Commission in 80% of the amount, and 20% is financed by the national budget.


PROJECT OBJECTIVE: The implementation of the software will enable the Ministry to effectively prevent potential fraud during the reconstruction process. The software will provide advanced analysis and algorithms that can identify irregularities and anomalies in data, transactions and other relevant information, which can be indicators of fraud. The implementation of the Anti-Fraud Software project will significantly improve transparency, accountability and fraud prevention in the post-earthquake reconstruction process, ensuring that allocated funds are used efficiently and effectively. The development of the software also includes the enhancement of the irregularity reporting system, which will facilitate the reporting process for citizens and increase the transparency of the reconstruction process.

PROJECT DURATION: 24 months, the project was launched on 1 March 2023.