Invitation for Expression of Interest and Submission of Non-binding Offer in the Acquisition of Shares of HRVATSKA POŠTANSKA BANKA d.d.

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The Government of the Republic of Croatia, represented by the Ministry of Finance, intends to sell all shares under its direct and indirect control, amounting to 99.13% of total shares, in Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d. ("HPB") and hereby invites all interested persons to express their interest and submission of the non-binding offer in the contemplated privatisation. The privatisation of HPB will be carried out through an open international tender process. Interested investors are invited to submit their expression of interest, presenting themselves in written form to the financial advisor (at the address noted below) by 31 August 2013, clearly referring to “HPB Privatisation” as the subject matter of such correspondence:

CONFIDA-REVIZIJA d.o.o., attn: Mr. Thomas Kraiger, Slovenska 24/III, 10000 Zagreb

Upon receiving their expression of interest, the financial advisor will provide investors with Information Memorandum and Executive Teaser, as well as with further details regarding the transaction process. Investors which will express their interest will be invited to submit their non-binding offer by 20 September 2013 in accordance with the tender rules and applicable Croatian legislation. For detailed information or exceptions please visit the website or and read the extended Invitation Letter with applicable waivers and additional procedural instructions.

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