Establishing of compliance (validation) of designs

Establishing of compliance (validation) of designs is prescribed by Articles 96 and 97 of the Building Act (OG 153/13).

The main design and detailed design developed according to foreign regulations shall be deemed as designs developed in accordance with this Act (OG 153/13), provided that the procedure of establishing compliance with the Croatian legislation and the code of practice (hereinafter: validation) was carried out.  

The main design and detailed design, or the parts thereof, shall be translated into the Croatian language prior to their validation. In addition to the Croatian translation, the design may retain the original text in a foreign language. By way of derogation, it shall not be required to translate into the Croatian language parts of the design containing numerical data (print outs of the static calculation, etc.).

Within the tasks of their profession, design validation shall be carried out by persons who under a special act are entitled to use the professional title of certified architect or certified engineer, or by legal persons that employ at least one person entitled to use these professional titles.

The person carrying out the validation shall prepare a written report thereon in the prescribed manner, certify the design and issue a declaration thereof. In the event that the design which is being validated lacks any prescribed parts, the person carrying out the validation may develop the missing parts of the design.

Lists of authorised persons are published on the websites of the respective chamber, since projects are validated by certified designers, depending on the profession:

Croatian Chamber of Architects:

Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers:

Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers:

Croatian Chamber of Electrical Engineers:

There are no price lists of services, however all professions have adopted ordinances on the standard of services.