Energy certification of buildings

On the date of entry to the European Union the obligation commenced of issuing energy certificates for existing buildings or self-contained building units that are being sold, and as of 01 January 2016 there is the obligation of obtaining energy certificates also for buildings that are rented out or leased and have a total useful floor area of more than 50 m², or are a separate part of a building that has a total useful floor area of more than 50 m², regardless of the floor area of that particular part.

For those properties for which rent or lease contracts were concluded before 01 January 2016, energy certificates are not obligatory until the expire of the respective contractual obligations. Likewise, renting in this context shall not apply to the tourist activity, therefore providers of accommodation services in holiday flats, apartments and houses are not obliged to obtain energy certificates.

An energy certificate is a document that is valid for 10 years, and establishes the energy class of a building, indicates the energy performance of a building and provides information on the level of energy consumption, as well as on the condition of the building with regard to energy efficiency. The energy certificate provides also a proposal of cost-effective measures to improve the energy performance of the building in order to reduce energy consumption.

Energy certification of buildings shall be performed by persons who have the authorisation from the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning. 

Register of persons authorised for energy audits and energy certification of buildings

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund co-finances energy audits of buildings and energy certification through public calls and public contests - for more information please visit the Fund's website.

For additional information regarding energy certification of buildings and energy efficiency programmes in the buildings sector the phone number 01 3782 444 is available every working day between 13.00 and 15.00 hours.