Call 4c1.4 'Energy renovation and renewable energy sources use in public buildings'

Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning published the Call for 'Energy renovation and use of renewable energy sources in buildings of public sector’ on November 16th 2017 and available funds from the European Regional and Development Fund for this Call amounted to 380 milion HRK. Due to high interest of potential users the demand for grants that reached 200% of total available funds of 380 million HRK in a very short period of time, the Call had to be suspended until February 5th 2018.

On July 26th 2018 Decision was reached to increase the allocations within this Call for proposal from 380 million HRK to 1,1 billion HRK of total grants available for allocation. Ministry’s call was re-opened on September 4th 2018 and during the following two days a total number of 311 applications were received, causing the Call to be suspended once again until February 5th 2019

A total of 759 applications were received during the Call (448 applications until February 5th 2018 in the first round of the Call and 311 applications until September 5th 2018 in the second round of the Call) with a all the grants totaling to almost 1,34 billion HRK. By early November 2018 there were 308 Financing Decisions signed with a total contracted value over one billion and 148 million HRK, and grants amounting to over 582 million HRK. There were also 246 grant Agreements signed.  

Review of signed grant Agreements with a short description can be downloaded HERE.

The lowest grants susceptible for financing acceptable expenses of projects amount to 80 thousand HRK, and utmost grants amount to 40 million HRK.

Grants are awarded through public invitation for open allocation procedure modeled through calls for proposals, and final deadline for submitting project proposals is December 31st 2020, or until exploitation of all available financial resources.  

Call for proposal supports implementation of energy renovation and usage of renewable energy sources in buildings of public sector at which state authorities and administrations, local and regional administrations, public institutions, institutions, religious communities and associations practice social activities.

Through these integrated energy renovation projects an energy savings of at least 50% are expected when compared to the annual energy consumption for heating/cooling prior to the implementation. 

In the context of this Call for proposal social activities are defined as:  pre-school education, elementary and high-school education, higher education, formal adult education, scientific agencies, theatrical activities, audiovisual work, library work, archival activities, museum activities, health care activities, social work programs, administrative and / or office work, other activities, sports activities, community housing, fire brigade work, work in protection and rescue and humanitarian aid activities.

Acceptable applicants for this Call for proposal can be:

  • National/state authorities, ministries, central state office, governmental organizations and regional state administration offices
  • Units of local and state self-government
  • Public institutions or institutions practicing social work
  • Religious communities
  • Associations having public authorities regulated by Law

During the time this Call for proposal is open potential applicants can regularly submit questions up until 14 calendar days before the deadline for submitting the project proposals. Questions must contain a signature and a clear reference to the Call. Responses to inquiries are published on this Ministry’s website and at and within 7 days from receiving each question. Questions with a clear reference to the Call could be sent by e-mail to the following address: 

Ministry continues to hold informative and implementation workshops, with date, time and place of the workshops published at least 10 calendar days before the actual workshop, or at least 21 calendar days after the Call is opened.

It is worth mentioning that according to Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion there are 311 million euros of grants allocated through ESI funds for energy renovation of buildings until 2020, more precisely 211 million euros for public sector buildings and 100 million euros for housing sector buildings.