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€200m to be put at disposal for energy renovation of buildings in 2024(Hina) - About €200 million will be unlocked for the energy renovation of blocks of flats in 2024, Construction and Zoning Minister Branko Bačić said on Wednesday at a conference on the green renovation of buildings in Zagreb, which brought together about 100 participants. 27.03.2024. | News
Minister announces national plan for housing policy(Hina) - Subsidising the difference between affordable flat rentals and market prices, activating state property and modifying the subsidised flat construction scheme are models which the government is considering for the blueprint of a national housing policy plan, Minister Branko Bačić said on Monday. 25.03.2024. | News
2020 quakes caused major losses, damage, but led to unprecedented reconstruction(Hina) - The Zagreb area and the Banovina region experienced major losses and damage from the 2020 earthquakes, which also led to an unprecedented reconstruction of public buildings, a conference in Zagreb heard on Friday. 22.03.2024. | News
Projects of post-quake reconstruction of public sector buildings in Zagreb ongoing(Hina) - The reconstruction of the Zagreb-based Faculty of Teacher Education, a project worth €23 million, will be finished in 2025, and the projects of the reconstruction of the Sisters of Charity hospital and its buildings and some other state-owned buildings in Zagreb are going as planned. 13.02.2024. | News
Bačić discusses post-quake reconstruction and state assets in Velika Gorica(Hina) - Deputy Prime Minister Branko Bačić and Mayor Krešimir Ačkar met on Wednesday to discuss post-earthquake reconstruction of private buildings and houses in the area of Velika Gorica and state assets made available to the city by the Ministry of Construction and State Assets. 02.02.2024. | News
Cornerstone laid in Sisak for six apartment buildings(Hina) - A cornerstone was laid in Sisak on Tuesday for six apartment buildings that will accommodate persons whose properties were damaged in the 2020 earthquake until their homes are rebuilt, the Construction Ministry said, adding that the works are valued at €14 million. 30.01.2024. | News | Information
Minister announces restoration of the protected center of Glina(Hina) - The Government and the City of Glina will jointly restore the centre of Glina, a protected cultural and historical entity, it was concluded on Monday at a working meeting of Construction Minister Branko Bačić and Glina Mayor Ivan Janković, at which the renovation of apartment buildings was also discussed. 29.01.2024. | News | Information
Bačić awards contracts for Bosnian Croat projects worth €1.03m(HINA) Croatian Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets Minister Branko Bačić on Friday awarded to Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina financial support for 61 projects worth €1.03 million, announcing that Croatia's support from his ministry will double this year. 26.01.2024. | News | Information
Minister: Balance struck between interests of apartment owners and protected tenants(Hina) - Construction and State Assets Minister Branko Bačić said on Wednesday that the law, which solves the long-standing problem of protected tenants, corrects the injustice towards apartment owners while at the same time enabling tenants to solve the housing issue. 24.01.2024. | News
Minister: Pace of post-earthquake reconstruction process satisfactory​(Hina) - After touring construction sites in the area of Zagreb on Tuesday, Construction Minister Branko Bačić said the pace of the post-earthquake reconstruction was satisfactory, with the process running more smoothly and his ministry working to additionally expedite the process of public procurement. 23.01.2024. | News | Information