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Horvat: Earthquake reconstruction includes a new approach to physical planning​(Hina) - Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets Darko Horvat said on Thursday that post-earthquake reconstruction concerns not just reconstruction but also legalisation of illegally built buildings, with a new approach to physical planning and the process of resolving property rights. 18.06.2021. | News | Information
Demolition of private houses damaged by Zagreb quake starts(Hina) - The authorities in Zagreb on Thursday started demolishing the first houses, which were given red warning notices due to the extent of the damage they suffered as a result of the 22 March 2020 earthquake. 11.06.2021. | News
The second high-level meeting on recovery and reconstruction after the earthquakesThe devastating earthquakes which hit Croatia in March and December 2020 caused severe damage amounting to more than 17 billion EUR. The extent of damage requires close cooperation of stakeholders and activation of all available resources, with a significant amount being mobilised through various EU funds. 29.05.2021. | News
4,739 applications for home loan subsidies submitted (Hina) - The APN Real Estate Agency received 4,739 applications for home loan subsidies submitted in the sixth call, the Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets Ministry said on Saturday. 15.05.2021. | News
HRK 946m envisaged for culture under NPOO(Hina) - Culture and Construction Ministers Nina Obuljen Koržinek and Darko Horvat on Friday presented the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NPOO) sections on building reconstruction (with an estimated investments of HRK 6.1 billion) and culture (HRK 946 million). 14.05.2021. | News
Minister hands over contracts on utility management development in Varaždin County(Hina) - Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets Darko Horvat on Wednesday presented contracts on the co-financing of projects stimulating the development of utility management to local officials in Varaždin County. 12.05.2021. | News
Gov't increases aid for emergency property repairs(Hina) Financial aid to citizens for emergency repairs on their earthquake-damaged apartment buildings or houses will be increased from HRK 12,000 to 16,000 per housing unit in an apartment building and from HRK 12,000 to 25,000 for a family house, the government decided on Thursday. 01.04.2021. | News
Minister says organised reconstruction in Zagreb to start in June(Hina, Nova TV) - Physical Planning and Construction Minister Darko Horvat said on Sunday, ahead of the first anniversary of the 22 March 2020 earthquake in Zagreb, that preparations for the process of reconstruction were underway and that organised reconstruction would start in June. 22.03.2021. | News
Banija earthquake damage estimated at €5bn, daily says(Hina) - The direct damage of the devastating earthquakes in the Banija region on 28 and 29 December is estimated at a little over €5 billion, which is about 10% of Croatia's GDP, Jutarnji List daily said on Saturday, citing unofficial figures. 15.03.2021. | News