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Meeting on demolition and reconstruction held in Petrinja(Hina) - Members of the task force dealing with the aftermath of the 29 December earthquake had a meeting in Petrinja with heads of municipalities and the county on the demolition of buildings which pose a hazard to local residents. 08.02.2021. | News
Capannelli: WB engaged in estimating earthquake damage cost to help Croatia(Hina) - The World Bank's Country Manager for Croatia and Slovenia, Elisabetta Capannelli, on Wednesday visited the city of Sisak to get an insight into the extent of the damage caused by the 29 December 6.2-strong earthquake. 03.02.2021. | News
Minister says demolition of quake-damaged facilities to begin this week(Hina) - The demolition of buildings that pose the most risk to citizens in the earthquake-hit areas will start this week, Construction Minister Darko Horvat said after a meeting with representatives of the civil engineering profession on Monday. 25.01.2021. | News
Landslides no longer give same input parametres for construction planning(Hina) Construction Minister Darko Horvat said on Wednesday that geologists were extremely cautious with regards to activated landslides and geological phenomena in the quake-hit area, which were no longer giving the same input parametres for construction planning as before the earthquake. 20.01.2021. | News | Information
Academic community soon to give blueprint for post-quake reconstruction ​(Hina) The Croatian academic community will soon give a blueprint for organised reconstruction of the quake-affected areas, Construction Minister Darko Horvat said on Tuesday evening after his meeting with professors from several faculties in Zagreb. 20.01.2021. | News | Information
Minister Horvat: State will fully finance post-quake reconstruction in assisted areas(Hina) The state will fully finance the reconstruction or construction of buildings in assisted areas affected by the earthquake, Construction Minister Darko Horvat said on Sunday, adding that whether citizens would cover 20% of the costs would depend on their income threshold. 18.01.2021. | News
Horvat: Institutions will determine irregularities in post-war reconstruction(Hina) - Physical Planning and Construction Minister Darko Horvat said on Monday that state institutions would determine whether there had been irregularities in the post-war reconstruction of houses in the quake-hit area, many of which had sustained a lot of damage despite that reconstruction. 05.01.2021. | News
Minister: Task force dealing with aftermath of Dec 29 quake to work 24 hours a day(Hina) - Deputy Prime Minister Tomo Medved said in Petrinja on Monday that the newly-established task force dealing with the aftermath of the December 29 earthquake in Sisak-Moslavina County, which he was heading, would operate 24 hours a day for all those in need of help. 05.01.2021. | News
4,150 applications for subsidised housing loans approved in 2019(Hina) - The government on Wednesday endorsed a report on the implementation of the law on subsidised housing loans in 2019, when 4,159 housing subsidy applications were filed. 24.12.2020. | News | From media | Subsidisation of housing loans
Minister Horvat promises reconstruction of all 16 flooded houses in Kokorici(Hina) - Physical Planning and Construction Minister Darko Horvat said on Thursday that the ministry would reconstruct all 16 houses damaged in recent floods in the village of Kokorici near Vrgorac. 17.12.2020. | News