Utility activities

Types of utility activities

The following can be regarded as utility activities:
  • utility activities that ensure the maintenance of utility infrastructure

    • maintenance of non-classified roads
    • maintenance of public areas where traffic of motor vehicles is not allowed
    • maintenance of construction works for public drainage of precipitation
    • maintenance of public green areas
    • maintenance of construction works, facilities and objects for public use
    • maintenance of cemeteries and crematoriums within cemeteries
    • maintenance of cleanliness of public surfaces
    • maintenance of public lighting
  • service utility activities

    • parking services on public surfaces and in public garages
    • public retail market services
    • services of burial and cremation of the deceased in crematoriums within cemeteries
    • utility lines for passenger transport
    • performance of chimney sweeping services

In addition, the representative bodies of local self-government units may determine by decision also other activities that are considered as utility activities:

  • if such activities meet in a continuous manner the needs of the population in the territory of the local self-government unit
  • if the activity in terms of its content and meaning represents an irreplaceable condition of life and work in the settlement 
  • if it has a predominant utility service character 
  • if it is carried out according to the principles of utility management

Performance of utility activities 

Utility activities are organised and performed in the territory of local self-government units. Several local self-government units in the territory of the same or of different counties can arrange for a joint performance of utility activities. The decision on the joint performance of utility activities is made by the representative bodies of the local self-government units. Local self-government units shall regulate the mutual rights and obligations in the case of joint performance of utility activities by written agreement.

Organisational forms of performing utility activities 

Utility activities can be performed by:

  • a company established by a local self-government unit or several local self-government units (hereinafter: company)
  • a public institution established by a local self-government unit
  • a service – an own facility established by a local self-government unit (hereinafter: own facility)
  • a legal and physical person under a concession contract
  • a legal and physical person under a contract on the performance of utility activities

Financing of service utility activities 

The provision of services utility activities is funded:

  • from the price of utility services
  • from the budget of the local self-government unit
  • from revenues determined by special laws
  • from other incomes