The Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning developed the 'e-permit' system, which enables that all building and use permits for construction works are issued electronically.

The system has been implemented on the State level and, as of late 2014, applied in administrative departments of counties, major cities and county seats, which perform tasks of issuing permits.

The main goal of the centralised system is raising the quality level of the services provided, that is, of administrative and non-administrative proceedings, through a simple and fast procedure. Establishing this system has significantly speeded up the procedure of issuing building acts. Besides the speed of decision issuance, even more important is their quality, as it is only the latter to provide legal security to the investors or applicants respectively.

The e-permit system ensures uniformity of the procedure for obtaining documents in the entire State territory. The time limit for building permit issuance in the Republic of Croatia is 30 days, and, owing to the system, a number of administrative departments manage to issue a permit in a significantly shorter time. The applicant may see at any moment the stage reached by his application, while the person in charge of processing the application has a good overview of the files.

The procedure is transparent and can at any moment be supervised by an unlimited number of interested parties, reducing thereby potential manipulation and misuse. Services for administrative control of the Ministry and the Building Inspection can inspect at any moment each file, this representing financial savings in terms of travel costs and accelerating the proceeding of those bodies. The system provides constant access to statistics, whereby the effectiveness of each individual administrative clerk and of administrative bodies at all levels can be measured. The system enables to have in one place data available on all construction projects in the State, regardless whether the respective approvals have been issued or the issuance procedure is in progress. There is a system of alert on irregularity of procedure foreseen, through which the Ministry shall get a warning on an illegal act being issued, after which, depending on the severity of the irregularities, it shall take adequate measures.

The 'e-permit' system will be constantly updated with new tools and data, which will ultimately further shorten deadlines and improve administrative procedures.

Link: https://dozvola.mgipu.hr/naslovna/en