Main design development

The next step is developing the main design that is a set of aligned designs providing the technical solution of a construction work and attesting compliance with the essential requirements for the construction work, as well as with other prescribed and determined requirements and conditions.

Depending on the type of construction work or works carried out, the main design includes an architectural design, a civil engineering design, an electro-technical design and a mechanical engineering design. It is developed by an authorised person holding the professional title of certified architect or certified engineer in construction. A list of authorised persons may be found on the websites of the Croatian Chamber of Arhitects and Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers

Along with the main design, a separate part of the main design is the surveying design showing the location of one or more construction works on the building plot as well as the shape and size of the building plot, the forming of which is prescribed by the building permit. Surveying designs shall be developed by certified surveying contractors, the list of which is available on the website of the Croatian Chamber of Certified Geodetic Engineers

The investor may request notification from the competent administrative department for physical planning and construction regarding the public law bodies from which it will be necessary to obtain the special requirements in line with which the main design for a specific construction work in a specific location must be developed and information on the manner of implementing this Act and/or particular provisions of the spatial plan.

Cadastral plan copy and the description and presentation of the project planned to be implemented will be accompanied with the request for issuing notice Notification on special requirements.

The request referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall be accompanied by a copy of the cadastral plan and the description and display of the construction work planned for construction.

Special requirements notice will be issued within eight days of submitting a request.

A list of public law bodies determining special requirements in accordance with which the main design must be devoloped is available here, only in Croatian