Notification of the commencement of construction, setting-out and marking of the construction site

The commencement of construction shall be notified in written form to the competent office for construction and physical planning no later than eight days before the commencement of construction. In the notification of the commencement of construction the following shall be indicated: the class, register number and date of issue of the building permit, the contractor and the supervising engineer, and to the notification evidence shall be attached that the building plot was formed in the cadastre, if the construction work in question is subject to specification of the building plot.

The competent office for construction and ohysical planning shall within five days from receipt of the notification of the commencement of construction, notify thereof the Ministry of Interior, building inspection, labour inspection, administrative body of the local self-government unit competent for determining utility charges and body competent for determining water charges, while the building inspection shall also be notified whether the notification is complete.

Prior to commencing construction, the investor shall ensure that the setting-out of the construction work is performed. Setting-out of the construction work means drawing of the layout of the outer contour line of the construction work on the constuction site, that is, determing the exact location on the building plot on which the construction work will be built. It is performed by an authorised geodetic engineer. A list of authorised persons may be found on the websites of the Croatian Chamber of Geodetic

The site shall be fenced and marked by a board which must include the name or the corporate name of the investor, the designer, the contractor, the name and type of the construction work which is being built, the name of the authority which issued the act based on with construction is carried out, the classification mark, register number, date of issue and the period of validity of the act.

If the construction work on which works are being performed is registered in the Register of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Croatia, the board shall also include such an indication that it is a culture-related construction work.