Period for completion of buildings

The Building Act clearly stipulates that buildings, depending on the group to which they were classified, shall, with regard to their external appearance and the development of the building plot, be completed within the following periods:
  1. ten years for buildings in group 1 (planned by the State plan for spatial development);
  2. seven years for buildings in groups 2 and 3 (which, under special regulations, are subject to special requirements prescribed in the procedure of environmental impact assessment or appropriate assessment of the impact of a project on the ecological network, and which are subject to special requirements );
  3. five years for buildings in group 4 (subject to determining the connection requirements, but not other special requirements);
  4. three years for buildings in group 5 (not classified in groups 1, 2, 3 or 4).

Thus, buildings shall be classified in respect of the complexity of building-related procedures and not in respect of their gross developed area.

Periods for completion of buildings shall commence on the date of notification of the commencement of construction and shall not apply to particular buildings protected as cultural heritage. Amendments to the building permit shall have no effect on the prescribed periods.