Registration of construction works in the cadastre

Upon completion of building and obtaining the use permit, the construction work shall be registered in the cadastre. The construction work shall be registered ex officio by the cadastral office on the basis of the surveying design (which is an integral part of the main design, or location permit respectively) and the statement of the authorised geodetic engineer that the construction work was built in conformity with that design, or on the basis of the surveying study for entering the construction work in the cadastre or for change of information on buildings or other construction works, if the construction work is not subject to developing the surveying design, without developing drawings and studies or issuing certificates prescribed by special regulations governing state surveying and cadastre.

After having recorded a construction work, the regional cadastral office shall ex officio deliver notification to the competent court that the use permit was submitted with the application for registering the construction work in the cadastre and shall specify the building authority which issued the permit and its class, register number and date of issue.

It is important to say that in terms of Article 175 of the Building Act, the following acts and documents are considered as use permits: certificate on the report of the supervising engineer; certificate for use; final and effective building permit or other appropriate official act issued before 19 June 1991 with the building inspection's certificate that no procedures are pending with regard to the inspection; use permit; decision on and/or certificate of the as-built state; certificate that a building was built before 15 February 1968; and appropriate decisions for buildings built/reconstructed as part of a reconstruction project and other decisions in accordance with Article 332 of the Physical Planning and Building Act