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Contracts on construction of two schools in Banovina area signed in PetrinjaOn the anniversary of the devastating earthquake that struck the Banovina area and by destroying homes changed the lives of the population, a session of the Civil Protection Headquarters for the remediation of the earthquake-caused disaster consequences was held in Petrinja on Wednesday, attended by Prime Minister Plenković, and after the session several contracts aimed at the revitalisation of the area were signed. 29.12.2021. | News
Deputy PM says gov't to step up post-quake reconstruction, revitalise Banovina(Hina) - Deputy PM Tomo Medved said in Petrinja on Wednesday, after touring the area hit by a strong earthquake on 29 December 2020, that the government wanted to step up reconstruction more strongly and not only restore the situation to how it was before the quake but fully revitalise the Banovina region. 29.12.2021. | News
New buildings in Banovina will be seismically safe, says minister(Hina) - The people of Banovina can be sure that the new buildings will be seismically very stable and very energy efficient, and that all projects will be designed by experts and not politics, Construction Minister Darko Horvat said in Prelog on Saturday. 18.12.2021. | News
Third High-level meeting on Rebuilding and Recovery after the Earthquakes in Croatia On 14 December 2021, a third High-level meeting on Rebuilding and Recovery after the Earthquakes in Croatia was organised remotely between the Croatian authorities and the European Commission. 16.12.2021. | News
Snežana Penović takes over as acting head of Reconstruction Fund(Hina) - The head of the Reconstruction Fund's quality control service, Snežana Penović, on Friday took over as acting head of the Reconstruction Fund, succeeding Damir Vanđelić in that post, who recently resigned. 10.12.2021. | News
Gov't lends €8m to Zagreb's Brodarski Institute to cover its liabilities(Hina) - The Croatian government on Thursday decided to lend HRK 60 million (€8 million) to Zagreb's Brodarski Institut shipbuilding institute to help it settle its obligations to creditors and avoid liquidation. 04.11.2021. | News
Minister Horvat received Hungarian delegation headed by Dr. László PalkovicsOn Monday, 11 October 2021, Minister Darko Horvat received a delegation from Hungary led by Minister of Innovation and Technology Dr. László Palkovics. 12.10.2021. | News
State Secretary Bošnjak participates in the UNECE Ministerial Meeting From 6 to 8 October 2021, State Secretary Sanja Bošnjak paid an official visit to Geneva, where she participated in the Ministerial Meeting on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management, as well as the session of the Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management held within the Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). 10.10.2021. | News
Minister Darko Horvat received an inaugural visit from H.E. Alan Bowman, the Ambassador of Canada to the Republic of CroatiaAt the beginning of the meeting, Minister Horvat thanked H.E. Alan Bowman for the generous donations from Canada to the Republic of Croatia after the Zagreb earthquake in March and the Petrinja earthquake in December 2020. 27.09.2021. | News